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The New Plan

June 6, 2011 1:04 pm

This is not going to work out, this whole returning to work as a nurse thing … So, OK, a new vision for life …

  • I live among the junkies and whores of the little city near my Hometown
  • Along with turning tricks and doing odd jobs for my dealer and pan handling, I will also attempt to make ends meet by offering my nursing services to the underground, mainly in exchange for drugs, sex, and maybe shelter, and once in a while, money, if anyone has any
  • Every now and then, I will make limited appearances on the stage and in bars, cafés, emergency rooms, etc.
  • About twice a year, I will stay with my family in my Hometown for a few days, until I need more drugs and run off to the city to whore myself out
  • On a rare occasion, someone will recognize me and try to be charitable and assist me toward a better way of life, until I do something stupid and destructive and shatter their faith in me
  • The “next 5-10 years” mark is still in effect, as far as my predicted time of death … Although, you do understand that it’s within that time period, right? So that next year, or even tomorrow, hypothetically speaking, as those times are within the next 5-10 years, is a possibility?

If you don’t know me and can’t put this post into context, then I would ask you please to fuck off.

If you know me and are concerned about this because you believe rightly or wrongly that the context into which you put this post is legitimate, I also politely request that you fuck the hell off.

The rest of you can fuck off, too, if you’d like, though it really doesn’t matter to me one way or the other.

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