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Passing a late night talking to memories through song, and stuff

May 25, 2011 2:36 pm

Up till 5am, then slept in till 9:15, plenty of energy. Still monitoring to make sure it doesn’t get out of hand. In the meantime, somethings from last night …

All from my shuffling iTunes, all for someones …

Thick red hair sunken eyes
Round as pearls dim as bar lights
Where a haunted sound can always be heard
In even the truest of laughter

Don’t fool yourself, it’s hard and soon
Life alone will humble you.

^ for JK

I wasn’t born so much as I fell out
Nobody seemed to notice me
We had a hedge back home in the suburbs
Over which I never could see

I heard the people who lived on the ceiling
Scream and fight most scarily
Hearing that noise was my first ever feeling
That’s how it’s been all around me

I’m all lost in the supermarket
I can no longer shop happily
I came in here for that special offer
A guaranteed personality

^ for MR

My love and I, we work well together
But often we’re apart
Absence makes the heart lose weight, yeah,
Till love breaks down, love breaks down

* * *

My love and I, we are boxing clever
She’ll never crowd me out
Fall be free as old confetti
And paint the town, paint the town

When love breaks down
The lies we tell,
They only serve to fool ourselves,
When love breaks down
The things you do
To stop the truth from hurting you
When love breaks down
You join the wrecks
Who leave their hearts for easy sex

^ for SS

Womb to tomb,
Sperm to worm
I’ll see ya there about 8

^ for KH

Dead leaves and the dirty ground
When I know you’re not around
Shiny tops and soda pops
When I hear your lips make a sound
When I hear your lips make a sound

Thirty notes in the mailbox
Will tell you that I’m coming home
And I think I’m gonna stick around
For a while so you’re not alone
For a while so you’re not alone

^ for MT

Now that you’re gone,
All that’s left is a band of gold
All that’s left of the dreams I hold
Is a band of gold
And the memories of what love could be
If you were still here with me

You took me from the shelter of my mother
I had never known or loved any other
We kissed after taking vows
But that night on our honeymoon,
We stayed in separate rooms

^ for M

Looking out at the road rushing under my wheels
Looking back at the years gone by like so many summer fields
In ’65 I was seventeen and running up 101
I don’t know where I’m running now, I’m just running on

Gotta do what you can just to keep your love alive
Trying not to confuse it with what you do to survive
In ’69 I was twenty-one and I called the road my own
I don’t know when that road turned onto the road I’m on

Running on – running on empty
Running on – running blind
Running on – running into the sun
But I’m running behind

^ for CB

Breakdown on the shoreline,
can’t move, it’s an ebb tide.
Morning don’t get here tonight,
searching for her silver light.

And I can’t get it out of my head,
no, I can’t get it out of my head.
Now my old world is gone for dead
‘cos I can’t get it out of my head, no no.

^ for KS

Today is the day I forget all about it / It’s over, don’t worry about it
Today I can open the window / Today is the day I can fly

Today I am starting the rest of my life / Today, I can touch the sky
And I can leave that beeping sound of that truck behind

No moving trucks to hold me down

^for JS

… somethings from today …

To: ask[at]

Subj: Dear Neko Case

… I was just listening to the New Pornographers, which pleasantly reminded me of how much I love you. That is, the you who exists in my head, who pops up when I think of or hear your music, your words, your voice. However, I did want to tell you that, if you and Jane Goodall both professed your undying love for me (which is never going to happen, but just indulge me for a moment), I would go with Ms. Goodall in a heartbeat. No one can compete with her.

Hope you & yours are well.


… S · O · L · D · !

Plushtop mattress, box spring, bed platform

$140 cash

Sleeping on the floor, but not worrying so much about money


… Just gotta get a message to you …

If it ever seems like I am discounting or not acknowledging your pain in all this,

please know that I am aware, and that I empathize, and that I don’t always express the whole picture in any given single setting

3 Comments leave one →
  1. May 25, 2011 2:56 pm 2:56 pm

    Love the dead leaves and the dirty ground, and the rest.
    A lot of songs, or should I say relationships.

    • May 26, 2011 8:14 am 8:14 am

      thanks, leon (is it leon. argo.? or leonargo as in leonargo davinci? (um … haha) it keeps sounding like the latter in my head) life is relationships, life is music, “some of it’s just transcendental, some of it’s just really dumb” …

      always good to see newcomers to the blog, and i’m looking forward to delving into your site a little more.

  2. May 26, 2011 11:16 am 11:16 am

    Its Leon, well my pseudonym used to be Leon and my nickname always was Argo, so I combined the too… Now I might just make my name Leonargo as it has a catchy ring to it, a bit more … gritty … than Leonardo, though not all to besmirch LDV, one of the best.
    Sorry a bit too much about my name!!
    Yes, and I wonder if you have delved into the romantic music of reggae, like Gregory Isaacs? There is just so much music in the world! As there is love, and there should be more!

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